Introduction and objective:
Congenital cytomegalovirus (cCMV) infections are common worldwide. CCMV infected newborns are mostly asymptomatic at birth. However, cCMV remains the major infectious cause of congenital abnormalities in the developing foetus and newborns. The aim of the study was to provide recent data on cCMV in Poland.

Material and methods:
Aretrospective, population-based study was conducted using data from hospital discharge records of patients hospitalized from 2009–2018. CCMV incidence rates were estimated on the basis of data taken from a Polish hospital morbidity study, carried out by the National Institute of Public Health.

The study group consisted of 1,916 hospitalized patients with the first-time diagnosis of cCMV. Among them, 52% were patients up to 30 days of age. The median age was 28 days. The average annual incidence of cCMV was 48 per 100,000 live births (95% CI 23.5–73.4). A significantly higher cCMV incidence rate was observed in patients from more urban than rural regions of Poland (55 per 100,000 vs 39 per 100,000; P<0.001). In the study period, 9 hospital deaths (0.5 % of all patients) were reported. The coexistence of nervous system diseases was observed in 26% of cases and hearing loss in 6% of cases

The significantly more cCMV cases were observed in patients from more urban than rural regions of Poland may suggest the presence of territorial factors related to the cCMV incidence in Poland. The relatively high percentage of newborns with hearing loss or neurologic diseases may require activities aimed at reducing the cCMV incidence. The epidemiological data presented may be useful for comparisons with other geographical regions.

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