Introduction and objective:
Cancer triggers many negative emotions in patients which affect the quality of life and low acceptance of the illness. The level of acceptance of illness is related to the level of pain and the degree of compliance with medical recommendations. The aim of the study is evaluation of the use of the Acceptance of Illness Scale (AIS) among people with cancer.

Material and methods:
The study involved 1,187 patients (666 women aged 21–96 (M=58.17; SD=12.88) and 521 men aged 22–96 (M=67.12; SD=13.75) diagnosed with malignant cancer under outpatient care of the Maria Sklodowska-Curie Institute – Oncology Center in Warsaw. An acceptance of illness questionnaire developed by B. J. Felton, T. A. Revensson and G. A. Hinrichsen was used.

Socio-economic (education, place of residence, income, professional status) and medical (occurrence of metastases, type of treatment used) factors affect the level of acceptance of illness by patients. Stent standards were developed to determine the level of acceptance of illness in the low-average-high categories.

The Acceptance of Illness Scale (AIS) should be used in the case of cancer patients. Assessment of the patient’s acceptance of illness, as well as the factors affecting acceptance, will allow for the planning of appropriate treatment and psychotherapeutic support for specific patients, whose level of acceptance of illnes is the lowest.

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