Introduction and objective:
The elderly are particularly affected by vitamin D deficiency. However, screening tests are not required to begin vitamin D supplementation in the elderly. The aim of the study was to analyze the vitamin D level among patients at least 60 years old referred by primary general practitioners to the Geriatric Department of the District Hospital in Jasło, southeastern Poland, depending on age, referral mode and presence of frailty syndrome.

Material and methods:
The study included 601 patients aged 60 years and over, hospitalized during the period 1 October 2016 – 31 December 2017 at the Geriatric Department of the District Hospital in Jasło. The serum concentration of 25OH-D was tested on the first day of their hospitalization.

The proper level of 25OH-vitamin D (>75 nmol/l) was found in 17.35 % (N=104) of patients, the least frequent in the oldest (15.0%, N=41 of 80-year-olds; 7.1%, N=5 of 90-year-olds; p=0.000). The low level of 25OH-vitamin D (< 50 nmol/l) was present in 59.7% (N= 359), including significantly low (<25 nmol/l) in 27.6% (N=166) of patients. Significant deficiency was more frequent among the oldest (61.4%, N=43 of 90-year-olds), with frailty syndrome (43.9%, N=132; p=0.000) and referred urgently (49.7%, N=96; p=0.000). Before hospitalization, vitamin D had been used by 15.5% (N=53) of patients, more often women than men (18.8%, N=81 v. 7.0%, N=12; p=0.000) and referred on schedule than urgently (18.1%, N=73 v. 9.8 %, N=19; p=0.000). No differences were fund by age and frailty syndrome.

Despite common knowledge of the pleiotropic role in maintaining health, supplementation of vitamin D is still an unsolved problem among the elderly.

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