Introduction and objective:
Epidemiological studies have demonstrated a strong association between cigarette smoking (CS) and chronic pancreatitis (CP); however, the exact mechanisms of this phenomenon remains unknown. The authors have previously shown that increased Ras expression activates the NF-κB mediated pathway and promotes development of CP. However, it is unclear whether a similar phenomenon occurs in CS-induced CP. Therefore, the aim of the study was to determine whether CS increases the expression of K-Ras, and promotes the development of CP in mice exposed to repeated episodes of acute pancreatitis (AP).

Material and methods:
C57BL6/cmdb mice were exposed to CS or a sham treatment for 12 weeks. After one week of exposure, half of the animals from both groups were additionally subjected to repeated cerulein treatment (once a week, for 10 consecutive weeks) to mimic recurrent episodes of AP. Extension of pancreatic damage was determined histologically by H&E and Trichrome staining. The expression of K-Ras protein and downstream components (NF-κB, Cox-2, TGF-β) was evaluated by immunohistochemistry.

C57BL6/cmdb mice exposed to CS or cerulein alone did not develop any chronic pancreatic damage. However, concomitant treatment with both of these agents caused focal acinar atrophy, with slight intralobular and perivascular areas of fibrosis, and inflammatory cells infiltration resembling mild CP. Moreover, immunohistochemistry examinations revealed increased pancreatic expression of K-Ras and NF-κB only in mice treated both with CS and cerulein.

CS promotes development of CP in mice exposed to repeated episodes of AP. This process may be, at least partially, related to increased expression of K-Ras and NF-κB protein.

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