Protein profile of the allergenic pollen of Ipomoea fistulosa L.--a comparative study.
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Department of Botany, Visva-Barati, Santiniketan, West Bengal, India
Corresponding author
Amal K Mondal
Department of Botany, Visva-Barati, Santiniketan, West Bengal, India
Ann Agric Environ Med. 1998;5(2):131-134
The pollen of Ipomoea fistulosa L. is an important aeroallergen of India. The pollen of this plant was collected from full bloomed flowers growing in different places of West Bengal, India. Protein content and profile were studied by SDS-PAGE. Skin-prick tests with pollen antigens of all the samples were also performed. Considerable variation in the protein content and profile was noted with the highest protein content in the collected sample of Calcutta showing highest number of protein bands (10) designated as IF1 to IF10 with their weights ranging between 31 kDa to 89 kDa and 3 bands (IF8, IF9 and IF10) having molecular weights less than 29 kDa. Skin-prick tests also revealed highest degree of sensitivity to the Calcutta sample giving positive response in 52% of the patients. Skin reactivity ranged between 1+ to 3+.
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