Periodontal disease presents a challenge for modern medicine, and research on the use of stem cells as a treatment is currently underway.

Material and methods:
The study included 45 patients who were given a thorough physical examination. Additionally, an evaluation of their medical history of the disease, degree of progression of periodontal disease, and the level of CRP in the blood was carried out. Patients were divided into 4 groups: 4 patients were in the first group with no periodontal disease, 8 patients in the second group with a moderate level, 20 patients in the third group with an advanced level, and 13 patients in the fourth group were toothless. For each group, the use of stem cells as a treatment of antibody-labeled CD34+ stem cells, lymphocytes, and leukocytes was conducted.

A statistically significant positive correlation was observed in CD34+ stem cells in proportion to lymphocytes in the moderate (0.80), in the advanced (0.75), and in the toothless groups (0.70). The ratio of CD34+ stem cells to leukocytes was statistically significant in the toothless group (0.92) and in the advanced group (0.91). A statistically significant increase was noted in the level of CRP in the previously mentioned groups of patients, and the highest concentration of CD34+ stem cells in the advanced group.

The highest concentration of CD34+ cells was observed in the group of patients with advanced periodontal disease.

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