Prophylaxis of cognitive functions disorders progressing with age in women
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Institute of Rural Health, Lublin, Poland
Ann Agric Environ Med 2015;22(4):573–575
Numerous structures of the central nervous system are responsible for cognitive functioning. The cortex is responsible for the accumulation of long-term memory. The hippocampus participates primarily in the formation of short-term episodic memory. The amygdala is involved in the formation of emotional memory. In the shell are collected the recordings of our procedural memory, memory of skills, while the caudate nucleus is responsible for our instinctive behaviour, i.e. the genetic memory. Cognitive functioning depends on the efficient co-functioning of the above-mentioned structures of the encephalon. Studies in the area of neurobiology indicate that the region where there occur the first changes related with ageing is the so-called prefrontal cortex and parietal lobes [1, 2].