Ann Agric Environ Med 2006, 13, 93-98


Katja Radon1, Stefanie Kolb1, Jorg Reichert1, Thomas Baumeister2, Reinhard Fuchs1, Inga Hege3,
Georg Praml1, Martin Fischer3, Dennis Nowak1

1Institute and Outpatient Clinic for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany
2Institute and Outpatient Clinic for Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine, Friedrich-Alexander-University,
Erlangen, Germany
3Medical Clinic, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany

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Radon K, Kolb S, Reichert J, Baumeister T, Fuchs R, Hege I, Praml G, Fischer M, Nowak D: Case-based e-learning in occupational medicine the NetWoRM project in Germany. Ann Agric Environ Med 2006, 13, 93-98.

Abstract: The aim of the NetWoRM Project is the development, evaluation and implementation of a case-based e-learning tool for occupational medicine to increase the knowledge in clinical aspects of occupational medicine. To date, 19 e-learning cases have been developed. Cases were validated by 2 experts and user evaluated. Results of the user evaluation at 3 German Medical Schools are presented. Of 557 medical students registered for the online course 377 answered the online evaluation form (68%). Depending on the case, the median time spent on a case ranged from 2543 minutes. Students enjoyed working with the cases and asked to replace more seminars by case-based e-learning. The level of knowledge required to work on the cases was rated high. This was supported by the fact that on median only 4771% of the questions were answered correctly. Cases focusing on occupational health problems such as needle stick injuries were rated highest with respect to fun, importance for future career and the overall score. Students enjoy working on e-learning cases as an add-on to traditional teaching. Because of the high international interest the NetWoRM project is currently shared on an international base.

Address for correspondence: PD Dr. Katja Radon, MSc, Unit for Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology & Net Teaching, Institute and Outpatient Clinic for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Ziemssenstr. 1; 80336 Munich, Germany.
E-mail: katja.radon@med.uni-muenchen.de

Key words: medical students, e-learning, occupational training, prevention, international collaboration.

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