Life style and risk of development of breast and ovarian cancer

Beata Pięta 1,  
Department of Mother’s and Child’s Health, University of Medical Sciences, Poznan, Poland
Ann Agric Environ Med 2012;19(3):379–384
Introduction: Many risk factors may be monitored, and individual decisions concerning life style exert an effect on most factors associated with the development of cancer. It is estimated that the majority of malignant cancers, as much as 70%, are the result of the harmful effect of factors related with diet, life style, or those present in the surrounding environment. Objective: The objective of the study was analysis of selected factors related with life style and their effect on the risk of development of breast and ovarian cancer. Methodology: The study covered healthy women, without the diagnosis of focal lesions in the breast and ovaries, and women with the diagnosis of breast or ovarian cancer. The study was conducted during the period September 2007 – November 2011, and covered a total of 1,484 women aged 18-80. Odds ratio was calculated for individual risk factors. Statistical analysis was performed by means of the statistical packages STATISTICA v8, GrafPad Instat v 3.00, Analyse-it v. 2.2, and Cytel Studio StatXact-8. Statistical hypothesis were verified on the level of significance p ≤ 0.05. Results: Health-promoting life style related with physical activity and other health promoting behaviours, such as mode of nutrition, reduction or elimination of alcohol consumption and discontinuation of smoking considerably decrease the risk of development of malignant breast and ovarian cancer. The number and variety of factors which affect the risk of occurrence of cancerous diseases indicate that there is a need for monitoring of the hazard. Conclusion: It is necessary to carry out preventive actions which would cover the health education of women, concerning life style-related risk factors and methods of their modification.